OpenELEC Add-on – sysstat

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For my previous post I needed some tools to monitor Raspberry Pi CPU usage. SYSSTAT provides that and:

  • iostat reports CPU statistics and input/output statistics for devices, partitions and network filesystems.
  • sar collects, reports and saves system activity information (CPU, memory, disks, interrupts, network interfaces, TTY, kernel tables,etc.)
  • and much more.

So to build this add-on:

1) Cloning project

$ git clone

2) Copy sysstat directory to OpenELEC (careful with your OpenELEC directory)

$ cp -R sysstat  ../
(sysutils or other directory)

3) Compile it! Go to directory and do

$ PROJECT=RPi ARCH=arm ./scripts/create_addon sysstat

This will create an add-on on
Copy it to Download network share.

4) Install it from XBMC Add-ons -> Install from zip

On XBMC go to Add-on -> Install from zip file -> Home folder -> Download and select the zip file.

When done, reboot!

Now you can monitor your Raspberry Pi with OpenELEC in many different ways!


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