OpenELEC RPi Tvheadend test

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On Raspberry OpenELEC Tvheadend works well streaming directly to TV, but how about streaming to TV and to a computer?

That’s what I did today. For 15 minutes every 10 seconds pidstat monitored CPU usage for the Tvheadend program while streaming both to TV and my computer. Here’s the chart.

Red line represents the overall average CPU usage of Tvheadend program while blue line represents each 10 second CPU usage (%). I cannot do much conclusions because i don’t have much data to compare for now, but i intend to monitor 1 device streaming and do same tests on vdr-addon and MuMuDVB.


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  1. post has been excellent and i have referred it to many of my friends. my honour for the work that you have done. thank you once again.

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