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OpenELEC RPi Tvheadend test

TVheadend logo

On Raspberry OpenELEC Tvheadend works well streaming directly to TV, but how about streaming to TV and to a computer?

That’s what I did today. For 15 minutes every 10 seconds pidstat monitored CPU usage for the Tvheadend program while streaming both to TV and my computer. Here’s the chart.

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Although related with XBMC this tip is intended to Raspberry Pi community (it’s also possible to all other XBMC clients).

Refocus XBMC skin

I’ve experimented several skins aiming a better user experience and performance, from all Refocus¬†was the best. Refocus is able to give a very good user experience and the best performance for Rasbperry Pi. On System -> System Information my RPi was doing (at best) 62fps @ 1080p (which is awesome!).

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Raspberry Pi OpenELEC PVR (DVB-T)

Raspberry Pi Logo

I’m a proud owner of Raspberry Pi, and I hope to have much time to spend doing software / hardware stuff with it.

However this post is about my will to see RaspberryPi as mediacenter: mounting my network shares and streaming DVB-T channels. I live in Portugal, so DVB-T channels are encoded in H264/AAC.

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