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SAPO Codebits 2012


I’m proud to say that i’ve been selected to another awesome edition of SAPO Codebits! I’ve participated on Codebits before and let me tell you it’s awesome! Three days that look like one. Forget sleeping, just enjoy! I’m also excited for the fact that Raspberry Pi guys will be there and i’ll have a great opportunity to “feel” the project even closer 😉

Let the *fun* begin! 😀



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Raspberry Pi OpenELEC latest PVR support (DVB-T)

Raspberry Pi Logo

OpenELEC build r12431 has already a nice media_build support, so you don’t need to add media_build support anymore. I’ve already updated my guide, so you won’t get all confused.

Download here the latest OpenELEC build to the moment (r13118).

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